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PoleKat Fitness
PoleKat Fitness
PoleKat Fitness

Pole Fitness

What is it?

Pole fitness is all about having fun with the added bonus of getting a workout! It is a mixture of gymnastics and dance on a vertical pole and builds strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. It is a fun and effective way to tone up, especially targeting 'difficult' areas such as the thighs, arms, abs and bum. It is also a fantastic way to increase your confidence in a friendly environment.

When is it?

12-1pm: POLE with Sam
7pm-8pm: POLE with Tim 

7pm-8pm: POLE with Tim

10am-11am: POLE with Sam
5.30pm-6.30pm: Kids Aerial Fun! Pole & hoop for 4-14 year olds with Sam
6.30pm-7.30pm, POLE with Sam 

6.30pm-7.30pm, POLE with Sam 

11.30am-12.30: POLE with Tim
5pm-6pm: POLE with Kat

1pm-2pm: Intermediate Pole Practice Session with Kat

Which sessions are for beginners?

All of our classes are mixed ability, so open to all. This means that, unlike some schools, you are not restricted by days, times or course start dates. The only exception is the Intermediate Practice session on a Sunday, which is less structured and is designed for intermediate polers to share ideas with others of a similar level. Complete beginners cannot therefore attend this practice session.

How do I book?

As our classes are number limited, booking is essential. You can book on to any class through the booking page of this website.

How much is it?

Single sessions: £6.50

Back-to-back classes: £10 (for 2 classes)

Unlimited monthly membership: £50

Kids classes: £5

Private sessions: £30/hr (discounts for block-buys)

What do I wear?

Shorts are recommended as the more bare skin available to help grip the pole, the better. However, leggings can be worn for the first few sessions if you prefer. It is very important that you avoid moisturiser for at least 24 hours before attending a class, as this can cause you and others to slip on the equipment.

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