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Pole with Kat = FANTASTIC!!!


Initially when me and my friend Rachel started pole, we had no idea what we were in for!! We've been with Kat I think probably 4 months or more and not only have I now got a pole I have some super strength!! Kat is so fun and friendly that you don't worry about feeling awkward and it is THE best fitness exercise I have ever done that not only has quick results, but is soooo much fun! If you want an unconventional fun way to get fit with a brilliant instructor who will challenge you to a new move each week then this is definitely for you!! Thanks Kat!!


Charlotte, 45




In November last year, curiosity overcame my natural shyness as I loitered outside one of the studios at Virgin Active and finally plucked up the courage to join my first pole dancing class. Kat greeted my with her customary beaming smile, and immediately made me feel at ease. Friday night pole class has now become my official start to the weekend.  Kat is always so full of optimism and energy, and manages to give everybody in the class personal attention. She's positive and encouraging, but also knows how to continually raise the bar, gently pushing me to achieve what seemed impossible only a few weeks before. Beware though... before you know it, Kat will have you wearing pole shorts and crop tops, because in the safe environment of her class, it seems anything goes!


Caitlin, 31




Its amazing to watch our instructor Kat from Polekat Fitness Nottingham ... there are things she can do that even those so called strong guys in the gym wouldnt have a hope in hell of...... one day i hope to do the same, but meanwhile im crying out to have my own pole so i can train at home and not just have one lesson a week as for me upper body strength has always been my weakness and this will help as well as giving me great tone and killer abs!


Mairi, 23