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Aerial Arts Academy

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12-1: Beginner BungeeFit

1.30-2.30: Improver BungeeFit

6.15-7.15: Beginner BungeeFit

7.45-8.45: Improver BungeeFit



10.30-11.30: Beginner BungeeFit

12-1pm: POLE with Sam

1.30-2.30: Improvers BungeeFit

6.45-7.45: HULA-HOOP

7pm-8pm: POLE with Tim

8pm-9pm AERIAL HOOP with Sam



12.30-1.30: Improvers BungeeFit

6pm-6.45: ZUMBA

7pm-8pm: POLE with Tim

8.15-9.15pm: Beginner BungeeFit



9.45am Improvers BungeeFit

10am-11am: POLE with Sam

11am-12: AERIAL HOOP with Sam

12.15-1.15: Beginner BungeeFit

5.30pm-6.30pm: Kids Aerial Fun! Pole & hoop for 4-14 year olds. Sam. Cost: £5

6.15-7.15: Beginner BungeeFit

6.30pm-7.30pm, POLE with Sam

7.30pm-8.30pm, AERIAL HOOP with Sam

7.45-8.15: Improvers BungeeFit



12.30-1.30: Beginner BungeeFit

6.30pm-7.30pm, POLE with Sam

7.45-8.45pm: Improvers BungeeFit



10.15-11.15am: Improvers BungeeFit

11.30am-12.30: POLE with Tim

12.45-1.45: Beginner BungeeFit

2.45-3.45: Improvers BungeeFit

4pm-5pm: AERIAL HOOP with Sam

5pm-6pm: POLE with Kat




10.45-11.45am: Improvers BungeeFit

1pm-2pm: Intermediate Pole Practice Session



6a, The Old Knows Factory,

St. Ann's Hill Road,



If you have a Groupon or Wowcher coupon, and your chosen class is at PoleKat Fitness Aerial Arts Academy city studio please book your group class online as usual and enter the coupon code at checkout. For Groupon vouchers, you will also need to provide the 'security code' (this is differnt from the voucher code). Please book each class individually, entering the code at checkout each time. The voucher discounts will not work if you try to book multiple classes at once.


If your chosen class is at a venue other than our city studio, please contact me directly with your voucher details: Kat@PoleKatFitness.com


In all cases, you will need to take your voucher to the session with you. Please note that Groupon and Wowcher coupons are valid for new customers only.

ALL CLASSES MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. There is a maximum of 12 spaces per class so that everyone gets enough time with the instructor and on the equipment.


Classes can be booked directly through the 'booking' page of this website. If you have any trouble at all, please email: Kat@PoleKatFitness.com and we will do our best to help you.

Studio Classes