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XPERT Pole Fitness 1 & 2 is our leading beginner / intermediate teacher training programme. Designed and developed to ensure that instructors lead a safe, effective, fun pole fitness workout.


This training will prepare you to lead a beginner/intermediate level pole fitness class and includes pole conditioning exercises, spins, climbs, and introduces inversion techniques. XPERT Pole Fitness 1 & 2 provides a more in depth and extensive explanation and overview of proper spotting techniques and modifications designed to provide instructors with the skills necessary to ensure participants of all fitness levels experience a safe and effective workout.


XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 is the best start to your teaching career.


*Note: A minimum of 6 months Pole experience is required,



Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August, 8am-4pm



2 days (16 hours)



$599 USD (approx £453)


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Pole Instructor Training - Levels 1 & 2