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Struggling with your shoulders? Dreaming of that perfect bridge? Or wish you could nail your splits? This class will look at ways to improve your flexibility, including back, shoulders and splits. Learn how to stretch safely and effectively, and begin to develop greater control over your body. Join Justina who will guide you through a using a variety of stretches and techniques that you can do at home. A must for anyone looking to take their flexibility to the next level.


What do I need to bring?

Yourself, water, a mat or towel, and if you have them, yoga blocks and a strap (don't worry if you don't)


What should I wear?

Clothes that allow your body to move freely. Layer up, stretching is easier and more fun when you maintain the body heat you create when you work-out!



Sunday 13th May 11am-12.30

Sunday 17th JUNE 10.30am-12noon



90 minutes







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Flexibility Workshop